Custom Venison Smoking

Ground Options

-All ground item require 15 lb min/item/flavor -30% pork added

Smoked Snack Sticks

Hot, regular, teriyaki, BBQ and pepperoni – $4.50/lb

Cheddar, jalapeno cheese and swiss – $5.25/lb.

Smoked Sausages

Regular salami – $4.50/lb.

Cheddar salami, jalapeno cheese salami and maple summer sausage – $5.25/lb.

Raw Items

Regular brats and hot dogs – $3.20/lb.

Cheddar brats and jalapeno cheddar brats – $3.95/lb

Grind only – $1.45/lb. (*No pork added)
Grind plus pork (30%) – $2.45/lb.

Jerky Flavors

Regular, cajun, teriyaki, hickory, mesquite, BBQ and pepper BBQ – $6.00/lb.

Honey BBQ and honey teriyaki – $7.00/lb.

– Minimum 5 lbs per item/flavor

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